'With Leaving Birds' Single

With Leaving Birds
‘With Leaving Birds’ sees Dougie Harley sing a story of goodbye from the banks of a Scottish sea loch*.
The song tells of a lover compelled to leave, regardless of how much they are begged to stay. Set in autumn as winter approaches and the birds are called toother shores.
The 17th century English minister & scientist Charles Morton wrote a about how birds migrate to the moon and back every year. Ancient sailors believed birds returned from space to land on their ships.
Medieval encyclopedia’s have texts about barnacle geese growing from trees over water.
From Ophelia and Shakespeare to Homers Iliad the literary world is awash with stories of migration and water & sea. These are the inspiration for ‘with leaving birds’.

*‘With Leaving Birds’ was captured in autumn near the sea, using a mic & equipment specially bought for the recording of this song.
Supported with radioplay from Tom Robinson, Cerys Matthews, Sheila B, 6 Music, Jericho Keys, Alan Raw & BBC Introducing.
"Nobody out there sounds quite like Russ Jeanes. Pure pastoral nectar from the heart of Northern England – accept no substitute
Tom Robinson - BBC Radio

"Gorgeous. Songs About Sleeping Leaves, Breathing Trees & Drunken Bees - think I'd like that on my gravestone
Cerys Matthews - BBC Radio

The delicate, pure folk from the mysterious Russell Jeanes is spellbinding,
bewitching, beguiling and breathtakingly beautiful”
The Devil has the Best Tuna

"Imagine walking through the woods,
taking a trip back to the 1960s with Andy Warhol & Velvet Underground

Jericho Keys - BBC Radio

"Innocence and beauty finds its voice
Johnno Casson

"Songs that seem to hail from a different time
James Sanger - brit & grammy award winning artist developer
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