With the constant barrage of noise from 'man made' things, fighting for our attention every waking second, many of us forget the soft call of natures voice.
'Jeanes' tells stories of sleeping fields, breathing trees & drunken bees.

Russell Jeanes is a songwriter with a love for forest, leaf and hedgerow.
Over many years Russ squirrelled away a collection of poems, melodies, bird song and drawings. Morning's first breath in the trees, swans & geese in morning mists, chance meetings with fox, deer and weasel, 'the secret life of nature'.
Working from home in a cottage in the Yorkshire woods, Russ records demos and uploads them to the sound cloud.
The songs are re-recorded in homes, gardens & summer fields across Europe & America by an enchanting collective of female DIY artists, each lovingly chosen for their beautifully unique voices.
Jeanes sound has been kindly likened to: Vashti Bunyan, Linda Perhacs, Nick Drake.

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Jeanes is a collective of the DIY artists below.

Russell Jeanes
Russ is a graphic designer, film maker & poet from Yorkshire and also a new music champion for Fresh On The Net (telephone 01274 511127 or 07951 535 084).

Catherine Hershey
Catherine Hershey is a French-American artist, illustrator, songwriter and singer.
She is a long time friend of Kate Stables. Catherine illustrated 'this is the kit's' album for 'Bashed Out'.
Russ heard Catherine's songs and fell 'head over heels' with her work, sending her a message about his passion for her songs - Catherine responded saying she found Russell's songs 'warm and soothing'. This was the start of their recordings and friendship.

Emily Grace Zornado
Emily Zornado is a musician, playwright, director, and music educator in Danielson, Connecticut, America.
Russ heard Emily's cover version of  'hushabye mountain' and was utterly captivated. Emily recorded 'smiles with her eyes’ in the summer fields of Danielson, using ukulele punctuated with her rich layered harmonies. Russ first heard Emily's arrangement cycling through the fields of Ile de Ré.

Léa Decan
Léa is a talented artist songwriter, singer and is currently studying illustration in Brussels.
Russ found a track of Léa's called Timothée and then discovered that Léa really loved his poem/song ‘trees hug bees’.
Léa developed the song in Paris, Brussels and China. Russ worked separately with Tom Sidebottom on strings richly inspired by English Classical music.

Scott Fraser
Scott is a guitarist and was enthusiastic about Russ' poems/songs from the first, and was absolutely fundamental in their development.
Scott crafted guitar patterns from Russell’s initial ideas.

Dougie Harley
Known for his distinctive scribble art, Dougie Harley hails from Aberdeen, Scotland. Dougie has a background in music and photography.
Harley’s work strives to challenge society’s idea of perfection “A beautiful thing is never perfect. Russ discovered Dougie's wonderful work and beautifully lived in voice, after hearing a cover of one of his songs 'ghosts' by Stephanie Fraser. Russ & Dougie have been working on the song 'with leaving birds' for a number of years, Dougie has recorded various versions between a beautiful Loch & the Scottish sea.
Tom Sidebottom
Yorkshire based string arranger and music lecturer. Tom has patiently and skillfully developed and recorded arrangements developing Russ' ideas.

Russ would also like to thank Sydney Hargis, Nathalie Nedeljkovic, Kyooo for their additional covers of his songs.
Johnno Casson for his patience and unbelievable help with the final sound and mastering.
Lucy Claire Thornton & Angela Rubio for their initial input with the strings.
Steve Kitch from Audiomaster for the final masters.
Thanks to FOTN, Tom Robinson, Cerys Matthews, BBC6 Music, WFMU, Jericho Keys, Alan Raw, BBC Wales, and a myriad of wonderful radio shows across the planet for making it possible for the songs to be heard!
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